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Doc's Q&A

Q&A: Dental care important to overall health

Press-Gazette Media talks with business representatives in its Monday conversation feature. Dr. Stephen Sevenich talks about Dental Wellness Center and changes and advances in dental care.

Sevenich is a master in the Academy of General Dentistry, a distinction limited to less than 1 percent of dentists nationally. He completed more than 4,600 hours of additional education since graduating dental school in 1983. Sevenich has been voted one of America's Top Dentists since 2005.

Q. Tell us about Dental Wellness Center.

A. The Dental Wellness Center is a unique dental office in the respect that we offer complete dental care for the entire family. We are dedicated to the health and dental wellness of our patients.

To ensure that we're able to meet our patients' dental needs, we created a comprehensive dental office. We're highly skilled in the areas of routine cleaning and oral care, as well as orthodontics, implants, periodontics, TMJ, root canals, cosmetic treatment and sedation/relaxation dentistry. Working with one dentist and dental office provides patients the comfort of knowing we have a complete and intimate knowledge of their oral health history and are equipped to make the best recommendation of a treatment plan.

I have dedicated my professional career to educating patients on good oral health and providing them with state-of-the-art, personalized and comfortable dental care. My staff and I are continually furthering our education to ensure we are experienced and well versed on the latest dental techniques and advances.

It is important to educate our patients on the benefits of good oral health because many people do not realize that their oral health is an indicator of their overall health. One's oral health may affect, be affected by or contribute to various diseases or conditions, including:

  • Cardiovascular disease. Some research suggests that heart disease, clogged arteries and stroke may be linked to oral bacteria, possibly due to chronic inflammation from periodontitis - a severe form of gum disease.
  • Pregnancy and birth. Gum disease has been linked to premature birth and low birth weight.
  • Diabetes. Diabetes reduces the body's resistance to infection - putting the gums at risk. In addition, people who have inadequate blood sugar control may develop more-frequent and severe infections of the gums and the bone that holds teeth in place, and they may lose more teeth than do people who have good blood sugar control.
  • Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis - which causes bones to become weak and brittle - may be associated with periodontal bone loss and tooth loss.
  • Alzheimer's disease. Tooth loss before age 35 may be a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease.

Other conditions that may be linked to oral health include Sjogren's syndrome - an immune system disorder - and eating disorders.

Q. What are a couple simple things people can do to improve dental health?

A. To protect your oral health, I recommend pledging to practice good oral hygiene every day.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Replace your toothbrush every three to four months. Floss daily. Eat a healthy diet and limit between-meal snacks. Schedule regular dental checkups. Begin the recommended dental treatment plan to address your oral health without delay.

Also, watch for signs and symptoms of oral disease and contact your dentist as soon as a problem arises.

Q. What are some advances in dental care the general public might not be aware of?

A. As with the health care field, dentistry is advancing at a rapid pace. With the advent of 3D digital imaging and records, our ability to diagnosis and treat patients has skyrocketed forward exponentially.

  • Dental records can be securely accessed via the Internet.
  • 3D imaging (X-rays) has greatly enhanced clarity and detail with dramatically reduced radiation (radiation exposure often below hours in the sun on a clear day).
  • Enhanced pain control for the dreaded "shot."
  • Sedation techniques for complicated treatments.
  • Esthetic dental materials approaching the strength of gold, the standard.
  • With oral cancer being one of the leading forms of cancer, enhanced oral cancer detection is now becoming standard.
  • Non-toxic dental materials and non-allergenic clinical materials.

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